Monday, November 28, 2011

If you're a parent and you know what I'm talking about, clap your hands

Truth is, I still cannot believe I'm a mother. Every time I looked at the son, I find myself asking what did I do to deserve this sweetheart? I mean I know the doing part, but the amazement that it somehow produces this amazing product is somewhat confounding, don't you think?

I know I am.

And it really takes one to become a parent to truly appreciate the kisses of your child, the hugs they give and the gratefulness of it all to know that, You are the special one to them.

As much as they fill your world, it is us, as parents, to love them the best we can and to our utmost ability to provide for them.

Provide them with a loving home, a loving embrace and a loving heart.

To love them to become the best they can be, to love them to be who they are and to love them to be loving people.

Really, it truly takes one to become a parent to understand what it means to be a parent.

I know I am.


June said...

clap clap, and lovely post.

life-muse said...

Haha June, thanks! Do you ever feel like this? Like you see your kid running around and find yourself wondering is that really mine? LOL

Ruth said...

A beautiful, succinct post. I can totally identify with what you wrote. I'm often amazed and wondered what good have I done to be so blessed. I hope that I can be a good mommy and bring my boy up to be the best that he can be. God help me!

life-muse said...

Sometimes it just slips my mind that I even have a child lol. I'm sure you will do a wonderful job in raising Kenan! It's in us to be mothers! :)

June said...

I'm always amazed actually. And particularly so when I look at them when they are fast asleep. Really makes me marvel at such beautiful gifts from God! :P

life-muse said...

Oh yes thats another amazement when they're asleep. It's such a precious sight :)

Susan said...

As a mom now, the simplest things that Sophie does puts a smile on my face. Like when asked who are her best friends? She'll go Daddy and Mummy. And when she greets me with a warm reception when I pick her from school, with a huge hug and kiss, it just warms my heart knowing how much I mean to this little life that I brought to earth.