Monday, November 7, 2011

A trip to the zoo

We spent half a day there and its not enough! There were shows that we wanted to catch but missed out because of the rain and also because I was too engrossed with the animals to keep track of the time. 

zoo zoo zoo!
my back to nature outfit
the boy and the pygmy hippo that swam too fast
the majestic white tiger
me no like this
and this

i know i'm shallow when i saw this and
first thought was of shoes and bags

hello horse
shy horse
little goat wannabe
patting the lemur whom he keep calling it as cat
giant tortoise
giant tortoise version of romeo and juliet

We bought the tickets that comes with the tram rides. Stingy me didn't want to get it as they cost $5 more each, but the husband said it will be worth it later on when we get tired of walking around. Turns out he was right. Besides it drizzled quite heavily for a while and the tram rides did saved us from getting too wet and too tired out. And its unlimited rides too, so it is worth getting it.

There was also the Kidzworld, where you can let loose your children to play in the water area and playground, KFC to satisfy your hunger (fathers) and Ben's & Jerry for your sweet tooth (mothers). Very well covered for the whole family!

Some of the shows that we did managed to catch were the Splash Safari and the Animals Friends Show. Both were funny, entertaining and especially for the Animals Friends Show, great emphasis was placed on us that having pets are a huge responsibility and wild animals are not meant to be kept as exotic pets.

Yes sir!

And I like how they've also place informative details of each animal exhibits and made it very educational to read. I guess that's how we change people's mindset now. Educate instead of just hard selling.

For more information of the Zoo, click here.

I'm sure looking forward to our next trip to the zoo! How about you?!


Ruth said...

Strangely, we didn't really enjoy the shows but we only watched one or two I think. Have you tried the boat ride? That one was good. We are now looking forward to the opening of the River Safari!!

life-muse said...

Really? I thought it was quite funny but I'm easily entertained lar heh.. My colleague told me the boat ride wasn't worth it so I didn't get that. But we'll be going to the zoo tomorrow so maybe we'll try it this time!