Friday, November 25, 2011

What to wear: Weekend

What to wear: Weekend

Tomorrow is the husband's birthday. We've got no plans to go anywhere but I've this outfit planned if we're heading somewhere, and also if I really do have those red jeans too.

A girl's got to plan ahead, right?

I left out adding a bag because I've got to keep my hands empty to hold his hands. Very thoughtful. 


Madeline said...

Love the combination! =)

life-muse said...

Hi Madeline, thanks for dropping by! This is my parallel universe wardrobe fantasy haha :)

June said...

Haha, very thoughtful of you. I wish I had the ability to plan ahead for my wardrobe. These days, it's throw on and get go. :P

life-muse said...

Lol, most days I'm also the thow on and get go girl. Dress up are for special occasions like weddings and birthdays and Chinese New Year!