Monday, October 31, 2011

Its running on full tank indeed

How fast is too fast? Very fast indeed. Duh.

Our weekend was spent at IMM, Daiso (how I love that place), watching the Subaru contestants battling it out,  Ridgewood's Haato and basically the son was half with us and half with the grandparents. He would stay overnight with them and we would go pick him up in the morning. Repeat the next day.


peering at how ah gong drives

monkeying around in a photo booth

taking a siesta before lunch


hungry after his nap

And so fast that its already end October! The year is rolling full steam ahead indeed.


Mongs said...

nice pictures...your boy is so cute, dessert and pasta kind of sum up my weekend as well!


life-muse said...

Haha.. a good weekend spent is where there is good food and good company :)