Friday, July 15, 2011

But don't forget to crimp your lashes too!

I'm a practical girl. The tees and jeans combo, pony tails (the only hair style that I know how to do it properly), flats and slouchy bag kind of girl. Very low maintenence and fuss-free. So when it comes to make up, I'm like that too.

Well to be honest, I don't really know much about the techniques in the first place anyway. The little I know now comes from reading magazines, and a short tutorial guide from my sister-in-law many eons back, ha. So for a while, I went through the full make up phase. Like foundation, eye shadow, mascara, blusher the full works, only thing was, I suck at it. On good days, it was barely passable. On bad days, I looked like I did my make up in the dark. Brows were drawn too thick, blusher too dark and bascially I can auditioned to be the bride of Frankestein.

But through the years, through trial and error and alot of 'constructive feedback' from my then boyfriend now husband, I've learnt what sort of make up suits me. As a self professed natural beauty (snigger sniggers), I suit the natural look better than the overly made up look. And even more so as a mother now, my make up has to be done in 10 mins flat. If not, both the son and husband will start to be grouchy if I took too long to get ready.

Which is why I'm currently using only 2 products:
Dr Jart BB Cream Silver Label
bb=blemish balm, not blackberry

I used to use ZA Two way foundation,and it was really good! Smooth and gives me a good coverage. But after my sister got the BB cream in Korea last year, I've been using this ever since. Usually, the pros will use this as a base for the foundation. But I found it too thick on my skin if I followed their steps, so I've skipped it and just used the BB alone. A little goes a long way and it not only provides me with good coverage, it also helps to maintain my oily T-zone! Anything that makes my face not looked like an oil pan is a good product! Ha, double yay!

Benefit Benetint Rosy
for that natural flush.
anymore natural you'll have to do your own excercise to get it

And I really enjoy using this. It can be used on the cheeks as well as on the lips. The colour looks dark in the bottle, but 3 dots is all you need for that rosy flush! Well if you prefer a darker flush, perhaps apply 5 dots instead? Heh.

So there you have it. Make up for the practical and hurry-up-what-is-taking-you-so-long mother and wife.

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MetalCandyBox said...

I like benetint too!
and these days, my face is getting more oily than before! Maybe I will try out your recommendation for BB.