Thursday, July 28, 2011

Nobody's best friend


top: Gmarket
maxi skirt: This Fashion Outlet (sadly, this has closed down)
flats: Every Little Thing She Needs


jeans: Denizen
flats: City Plaza
frilly hairpin: Aries


You know everyone has a friend call Murphy. He is that one friend that we all wish to get rid of. He's the friend that magically made all the taxis disappear when you desperately need one (espcially when you're running late!), closing the train doors just when you're about to reach it, queuing for the ATM to draw out cash and only to find out the person before you has drawn out the last bits, wearing your new pair of fancy flats and it had to rain heavily the moment you stepped out of the house, giving up that seat for that elderly and to find out the person sitting beside you is getting off and another person grabed it before you do and just when you thought your bills are settled, there comes another one and another one and another one.....

Anything that can possibly go wrong, does. - Murphy's Law

No wonder no one likes you.


Mongs said...

yeah...I agree there's always a Murphy around to annoy you. ...that's life. Thanks for dropping by my log by the way. Your outfits look great. The maxi skirt is so cheery and summery.

Like to follow you since we're fellow singaporeans. Haha...have a great weekend!

lovely said...

Haha thanks for following! But I'm shy so only show my bottom half lol