Thursday, July 7, 2011

This is the way I brush my teeth!

If there's any pain to rank up there with childbirth, that would be a toothache. Even the mode of pain is similar, like contractions. Pain comes, pause for a while then the next wave comes again. And you know you really got to go when the pain comes intensely and within 5 minutes apart. Yup I got to go deliver my toothache!

Apparently this ache has been lingering for a few months. Yeah I know, ignore the pain and it'll go away right? Fat hope!

At first it was just a small little shooting pain when I tried to eat or drink cold stuff. Then whenever I brush my tongue against it, there will be a stronger shooting pain. Again I ignored it. And then came the massive pain yesterday.

It was so bad that it spread to my jaw bone. At times the pain would be so bad that I couldn't focus and I thought I really would pass out from it. But I endured. I thought if I could just make it back home and took some painkillers, I'll be fine. Again fat hope.

When I met up with the husband and my sis and told them about it, they asked me to go visit a dentist immediately. Now, visiting a dentist is different from a doctor you know? They see, they saw and they drill. Gosh the drilling!

Anyway when I went to the dentist, it was bad. My wisdom tooth was jutting out at an angle and pushing onto my last molar. Because of this, both had bad decay and had to be removed. And to top it off, one of my upper molars had also quite deep decay and had to be drilled out for fillings to saved it! My goodness! After all these years of faithfully brushing twice a day, this is what I get?!

The procedure took about 45 mins. I had to asked the dentist to give me a strong dosage of anesthetic to numb the area. And throughout I was very tensed! You can't blame me! The drilling was the killer! If only they provide mufflers as well!

In the end, I'm now short of 2 teeth and I've to get an implant for my missing molar next week. This is to prevent my upper molar from descending downwards and screw up my biting powers.

Morale of story? Don't sneer at the dental posters nagging you to visit them twice a year. Do that and you might save yourself alot of tooth-break and your teeth too.

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