Monday, July 25, 2011

Other mothers do scrapbooking as projects with their kids. I make mine wear nice clothes and take photos together

Okay, so these past days I've been obsessed with fashion blogs. I drool over their clothes, shoes, bags, hair and make-up and wowed over their photos. And then it struck me. Maybe, just maybe I can do something like that! But wait! I'll use my kid as the model!

So all I see are adults' fashion blog, and I have this idea of doing a kids fashion blog, maybe just without the awesome photography skills and camera to boot. Anyway, all I have is a cute kid and his clothes, how hard can it get right? Heck, I'll even throw myself into the photos too, ha!

Starting this week, I'm going to dress my kid up in his bestest clothes. And take pictures with my trusty IPhone. I don't have any cool DSLR so if anyone wants to sponsor, you know who to look for!

And a preview:

i truly believed he was born to pose

top: Primark
belt: Zara kids
pants: bought in JB
snadals: Kiddy Palace
drinks: Ribena

trying to get him to stand still while baiting him with Ribena

in case anyone is interested in what the mother is wearing
top: Primark
shorts: Primark
sandals: Mitju

We'll going to have so much fun!

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