Thursday, July 14, 2011

This little boy of mine

king of the slide

You know what they say about children growing up too fast? Its very true. They do grow up too fast. Take this little boy of mine. Just a while back, he was only a tiny little thing weighing less than a sack of rice. Then slowly, he grew a little bit bigger till he was about the same weight as said rice. And then overnight, it seems like he grew up so quickly just like the beanstalk in the children's book.

Recently he has learnt a few more words. Like pissed which actually means please but well, we don't really know don't we? Heh. And more words like up, head, staw (straw), miak miak (milk), ter (water), kuk (yakult), kake (biscuit), tank (thank you), dang (Xiao Din Dang, his newfound friend), gum (playground), bus, car, bird, cat, go and ta min (Benjamin)

He is also discovering his other body parts. A few days ago, I found him staring at his fingers and wriggling them. So being the educational mother, I told him they are his fingers. He just gave me a look like duh?! Haha that was classic. Well he can also point to his belly button when I asked him and he knows he has a penis since he's always pulling at it when he's diaper-less. He has also shown his cheekiness. Like whenever he does something which he hasn't done before e.g balancing his water bottle on the high chair, he will look at us and shrugged and gave the hahaha laughter. It's literally hahaha!

So far, he is showing more and more of his character and temperament. He is quite a chatty boy, blubbering away with us. A little on the cautious side as he will usually observed first before doing anything. And if he wants something badly, he will eh eh eh till he gets it. This little guy can really beg well.

Oooh! A few more months and he'll turn two! Two!! My baby is going to be two!!

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