Thursday, July 21, 2011

This one's for you kiddo

Hey handsome, today you turn 18 months. Mama reminded herself to write a note on your 18 months to sort of celebrate this milestone, so here we go!

From the beginning when you were still inside me, I want to thank you for being such an easy foetus to take care of. You did'nt give me any morning sickness, weird cravings like durian (really thank you!), or to the extreme like eating chalk or dust. However, I had to eat fishballs like for several weeks just because you wanted it. Turns out, when you were born, your face was as round as one.

And when it was time for you to face the world, Mama had an easy time too. Okay the pain was a killer but there's nothing like a good dose of epidural right? And Daddy? He was so brave! He was right beside me all the time and its a good thing his hand is still intact today. He of course had the honour of cutting your umblical cord when you popped out.

I still remember that moment when you were finally in my arms. You're all soft and warm and squishy but its kind of hazy to me because Mama's eyes were blurry with tears, yet all I can remember was that relief of having something popping out of me, heh.

2 weeks

After all the excitement of going through a live birth, all I wanted to do was sleep. But I had to feed you first. However you had the same idea as me and all you wanted to do was sleep as well. In fact, you slept so much that I did'nt have to feed you at all! And then it got too much that we had to force you to wake up to feed but still you went right on sleeping!

2 months
yout yiyi favourite position to place you

Looking back, I'm really glad that I took that year off to look after you. I got to witness your many firsts. Like your first roll over, your first laugh, your first teething, your first meal, your first crawl and your first steps. You and I both.

And though that period was fraught with many challenges and uncertainties, you were the only bright spark that kept the family together. I wouldn't want to imagine otherwise.

mini sumo at 4,5 months?

 You're such a darling! Whenever we went out, random strangers would often stop and play with you. Often they would remark, So cute! and you'll flash them your cheery smile. You're going to be such a charmer, oh wait, you already are!

10 months

 I truly can't ask for more. You're an easy baby, happy when you have food, milk or snacks. And you're such a cheeky boy too. Trying to test your limits but whenever you know that you've gone too far, you would give that cheeky laughter and get away scot free. Your Mama is very easy to bribe eh?

Have I mentioned how I love to watch you sleep? The way your eyelids flutter, your juicy cheeks and the way you turn over in your sleep, makes it so entertaining to watch, ha! But most of all, its your innocence. No cares, no worries.

my baby sleeps

 And now that you're officially a toddler, there's so much more for you to explore! More sights to behold and more journeys to experience. Go on dude, your world is waiting for you.

 off to see the world!

Have a good one darling.


Mongs said...

your baby is so beautiful...and sounds like an angel too! This is a wonderful post, I'm sure one day when your darling reads it he will be so touched!

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lovely said...

Hi Mongs,

thanks for dropping by too! :)