Sunday, July 17, 2011

For you, Dad

We celebrated the Ah Gong's birthday at Ivins yesterday. Ah Gong was more pleased at seeing his grandson than over the food though. The irony is, the son is quite afraid of him, ha! I don't know why but it could be due to my dad's towering height of 1.85m which to a little boy might seem a tad too intimidating. Or it could be due to the fact that every move the boy makes would be met with an overly anxious Be careful! Be careful! followed by an Aiyoh! and Tsk Tsk!. Or it might be all of the above put together.

I'm glad that my dad loves my little boy. He would buy things for him, attempt to carry him to go for a walk (not very successful most times, unless bribed with food), make him laugh and do the high swinging action on him. He would often call and asked how's he doing, what's he doing and would badgered me to send him the little boy's latest photos.

the ah gong's belated birthday

While we'll growing up, my dad is the typical asian father type. He would come home after work, reads his newspaper and hardly talks to my sister and I. It is only after I got married that he seems to changed. He became more lively, crack jokes, offers to send us to certain places and make an effort to communicate with us more. Granted, I wasn't doing all these things which I should be the one doing, so I've come to appreciate my dad more and more now. But I'll try for you Daddy!

Ending with naked pictures of my son.

this is what we do to babies after their bath:
take naked pictures of them and post online

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