Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ulcers and turd

You know whats an even bigger pain now? Having a giant ulcer on your tongue! Yeah! Its like lets party on this smooth pink tongue ulcers! Want to have even more fun?! Lets enjoy it even more with sharp shooting pain, no more hard solid food and squeamish, contorted facial expressions when she tries to drink water!! Yay! Yay!

Oh I'm going to make sure the party stops real soon. I'm buying a giant tube of Bonjela and covered all you suckers up till you can't breath and choke on it!!! Ha!


See this? It fell out of my son's diaper because he's hasn't pooped for 2 days and his stomach decided to make up for it resulting in an overflow diaper of shit-ness.

how a real piece of shit looks like.
so picture this if you wanna insult somebody next time

And to top it off, all the hoola baloo of going for the NDP show? It turns out we've missed the collection date period and we're not going anymore. Boo!

Story of my life.

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