Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Can I join you when you scream and cry too?

The time has come. The time of tantrums, shrieking, crying, screaming, lying on the floor in protest and turning a deaf ear to our instructions.

The Terrible Twos.

Okay, to be fair the son is showing signs of it, not exactly full throttle yet, but given the preview he has been displaying spectacularly, I'm afraid, very afraid.

I've been scolding and using the cane (sparingly) on him these few days and its so exhausting! I don't want to go back home and be mean to him, I want to go home and cuddle my baby. You know, especially after a long day at work. It's frustrating for all of us. And I certainly don't want my son to think that I'm home just to scold him too.

How do you working mothers do it? And how long will it lasts?

the object of our frustrations and affections
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Today's outfit:
stripe top: sis, belt: Aries, skirt: Gmarket, flats: City Plaza
Colour blocking was the fashion back then, watch it and groove along!

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