Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How to read a book by not judging its cover

For those who don't know, my son has a salmon patch on his face. Usually when strangers sees it, they will often asked or assumed it is a rash, a bruise or a mosquito bite. And when told it is a birthmark, they will often turn away embarrassed or go 'Oh' and walked away.

At first, I was also embarrassed to tell them what it is and would often remarked quickly that it will fade away soon by the time he's one year old. Now that he's coming to two, the birthmark is still there and not showing signs of fading anytime soon. But you know what? I'm no longer embarrassed about it anymore.

He's no different than any boys his age and he's growing up healthy and strong. He runs, he kicks, he throws and he's learning how to jump now. He's hitting all his milestones and everyday being with him brings much joy to me. Thus I'm not so concerned about his appearance now and instead, I'll focus more on his character and emotional growth.

kissed by an angel
I'm so proud to have him and one thing I've learn from this is to really not judge a book by its cover, because its the contents that matters.

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