Friday, October 21, 2011

It ain't the destination, its the journey

You know its exciting when you decide to go on a date with your husband and the both of you ended up taking a stroll in a small garden, in a hospital compound.

Husband: I'll bring you to a nice place to walk.
Me (excited): Where?!
Husband: Alexandra Hospital, its very nice inside.
Me (dubious, but game): Uh, okayyyyyy

Not to say its unconventional, but only when you're married and have known each other for close to ten years should you attempt to do this. Guys, don't try this on your first date.

Alexandra Hospital:

this is way, way inside the hospital compound

the garden

i only saw 2 butterflies

it is a nice place to chill, only if you're not afraid of mozzies

fountain of health

love seeds aka Saga seeds
behind him all the way

What's your most unconventional dating place?


Ruth said...

Wow, if you didn't say it, I won't have guessed this pretty garden is within a hospital ground. I was thinking real hard if hubby and I have ever gone anywhere unconventional for our dates and fortunately or unfortunately, I can't recall any!

life-muse said...

Hi Ruth!
Yeah its really pretty and tranquil in the garden. And thankfully the day we went, it was quite a cooling day too, so that adds up the romantic quotient, ha...