Tuesday, October 4, 2011

One of us gets to have all the fun, but actually they have it alot easier

When it comes to clothes and stuff, guys always get the short end of the stick. Five floors of Takashimaya, only one level is for the guys. Three stories of H&M goodness and only a small section for the guys, and its even shared with the kid's section on the third floor. Whole shopping belt of Orchard Road and like only a handful of shops are for guys. Not counting gadgets store or Courts, because the guys who goes there only went with their wives and it is only absolutely when necessary.

Which is why I'm secretly glad that I have a boy. 

Girls stuff are everywhere. Dresses, skirts, blouse, rompers, leggings and have you seen how insanely cute some of the girl's clothes are?! I've seen some designs which are like the mini version of the very popular Korean outfits now. Soft chiffon, ribbon bows, pearls, lace and its for little girls age two to six! Imagine if I have a girl, her wardrobe would be more than mine! And the amount of money spent!

But! You can't deny the fun of dressing girls up. Which is also why I'm glad I have all the fun, ha!

Boys are easy. Throw on a t-shirt and pants and they're good to go. Just ask my husband. He gets ready in five mins flat. Or even lesser, I don't know how he does it. Not that I want to try because even if I am running late, I'll still take about ten minutes to be out of the house. And that's on a good day. He always gauge the time I get ready to estimate how much time has passed. Showering without washing hair=15 mins. Showering with washing hair=30 mins. Brushing teeth=5 mins. Make-up and getting dressed=20 mins. Choosing clothes to wear=10 mins. Staring at the shoe cabinet deciding what shoe to wear=5 mins. All in all, I'll take about 40 mins to get ready. 

Not bad, right?

Today's outfit:
top: pasar malam, jeans: New Future, flats: City Plaza
P.S: I woke up with this song in my head this morning. And when I turned on my radio, it was playing the exact same song! I love it when the radio and I are in sync.


Mongs said...

your top is really cute, I like the prints. I like to roam pasar malam for some cute buys too. The shoes are sassy too. Yes poor guys, men are usually not bothered with style. They are too busy hanging out at Sim lim square and Comex.


life-muse said...

"They are too busy hanging out at Sim lim square and Comex" LOL at this!
I LOVE pasar malams! Can always find some amazing stuff there, a little like thrifting too, dig hard and you'll be rewarded, lol.