Monday, October 10, 2011

Journey to the East!

Pasir Ris Park.

first time beach bum

first time feeling the sand in his toes

The playground:

this one does music

he drummed

he crawled

he swinged

he slide
I saw this and right at the top was a huge slide for you to slide down. So being the thrill seeker, I challenged the husband to climbed it with me. 

web of easy peasy

you sure?

view from the top

slide of deceit
There was a problem, we couldn't slide at all. I excitedly sat down expecting it to be a fast slide, but nothing! So we both had to walked down the slide. Lesson learned in playground studies: Plastic slides are much, much faster than metal ones.

All in all, it was a perfect way to end a Sunday. Having fun at the playground, a very far playground.


Mongs said...

I love the first two shots of your boy, so cute! Lovely park, time to revisit this park, haven't been there for years.


life-muse said...

Thank you Mongs! Taken by the humble Iphone 3GS!
The park is a really good place to chill with your family. Can go cycling, kite flying and the playground! Or even BBQ!