Monday, October 24, 2011

He with the girls

This little charmer of mine has charmed many a girls' heart by now. Everywhere we go, girls will surely ooh and aah after him. And if he feels like returning the love, he'll give them his flying kisses. Double swooning for the girls. 

At the playground:

look ma, I'm so suave

hand gesture checked

bring them on baby!

its tiring being a Don Juan

I guess that's how I got charmed by his old man.


Ruth said...

My boy has his fair share of attention from girls but recently, he started doing the "chasing" and scared quite a few of the little girls with his enthusiasm! Told the daddy he better teach his son how to chase girls proper ;)

life-muse said...

Haha Kenan is so cute! Can totally imagine the girls running away screaming :)