Thursday, October 6, 2011

This is the way I hang out with myself

Today, I just want to share with you some of my favourite bath products. 

Simple, Kind to skin series facial wash:

 I love Simple products. Their facial wash is very light and it doesn't leave my face the overly tight feeling which some facial wash does. Some people might not like it as it doesn't give the 'clean' feeling. However, a good facial wash should be gentle on your skin and not leave you with a harsh sensation on your skin.

Simple, Kind to skin Hydrating moisturiser:

 As I have an oily T-zone, this moisturiser has a slight watery texture which my skin is able to readily absorbs and best of all, it also doesn't give my face the greasy after feeling.

Body Shop bath lily:

 I feel so much cleaner every time I shower with this! It feels like my skin has been scrubbed real good and whatever dirt or grime has been washed away. And if I don't use it, I just don't feel clean enough. I've been using the bath lily for several years so now its more habitual for me than anything. 
By the way, its recommended that the bath lily be changed every three months. I'm not sure if its a marketing ploy to get us to keep buying it, but I'll use mine till the lily is torn off at the sides before I change a new one. Or whenever it feels too dirty to be used. 

Palmolive, Aroma Therapy Relax:

via Google image
Of all the different 'flavours', I love this Ylang Ylang fragrance the most. It smells so heavenly and keeps me so refreshed after every shower. Its also the reason why I'm taking so much time in the bathroom now, ha!

I really enjoyed my bath time. Its the only time where I can be truly alone and let my hair down (no pun intended).


Ruth said...

Thanks for sharing the products. I've been thinking about changing to another facial cleanser and perhaps I'll give Simple a try! My skin seems to be getting a bit dehydrated and I'm not the kind who is disciplined in keeping to a good skincare regime, so hope this helps ;)

life-muse said...

Hope it helps! Simple products are known for being fragrance-free too :) let me know if you've tried it k? I can be their spokesperson haha