Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Everyday should be Grandparents day, but thats just me being sentimental today

Right on top of cuddles and snuggles and belly rub, grandparents are the best thing to ever happen to a kid. They fuss over you, hit the floor when you've fell down, buys you sweets and treats when they bring you out, and becomes the go-to person when your parents chide you for doing something wrong. For all these, grandparents are a different breed altogether.

Where did all this love go to when I was growing up? Pfft.

Perhaps I might not have the exact grandparent kinda love that my son enjoys now, but it sure is an eye opener to see how our set of parents become so loving towards their grandson. Its like a hidden channel of love stream that is pouring out of a secret compartment and its only unleashed with the son's arrival.

My parents, though never openly affectionate with my sister and I, has shown tremendous affection for the son. They would lavish praises on him, kissing him often, talk and play with him and once, my own mother told my husband that she has never felt such love before ever since my son was born.

Erm, thanks Mum.

But that to me, was the best thing I've ever heard from my mum. And I guess, that's why they're called grandparents.

With all the trials and errors they made and our rebellion during our growing up years, this is their time of playing catch up with the love they've never shown us, and now, displaying for all the world to see.

Grandparents are just awesome. And under-rated and overlooked.

Love your grandparents today!


June said...

Aww. Totally agree. Add over-blamed to that list. It's funny that we could actually feel jealous and unloved, but that feeling gets so quickly taken over by the simple joy of knowing our kids are so well-loved and looked after. :) Really nice reminder for me. Thanks!

life-muse said...

Maybe when its our turn to become grandparents, that's how we'll be then too!