Friday, October 14, 2011

It's my party and I grow if I want to, you would if it happens to you

And I celebrated my 29th yesterday, the last remaining shreds of my twenties. Throughout the day, I was feeling pensive though, like something's not right. And then I thought, 'Oh, so this is how it feels to be a woman on the cusp of being 3-0.' Right.

At Maritime House:

all dressed up for my party

tarts are the new cakes

earl grey with chocolate. my sis has very weird taste

looks like his birthday, but its actually mine. 

At the Swan Lake:

i am swan, see me fly!

life partners
I'm going to enjoy this party till the next one rolls along and I've got exactly 364 days left. I think I'll leave the growing up for the next birthday then.

P.S: The swans wasn't invited to my party. Even if so, they most probably would have ended up on the dining table. Oh wait, its the ducks, not the swans.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! Lovely pics. But what's the earl grey with chocolate thing? It looks like pasta...

life-muse said...

Thanks June! :)
That is actually an Earl Grey with Chocolate tart from Flor at Duxton Hill. Its really an acquired taste that only my sis appreciates, heh.

Anonymous said...

Hahahah, I see. Hmm, interesting...I'm always game to try new desserts, so will put that on my tasting list :P