Monday, October 3, 2011

Our weekend, in short sentences and pictures

We went shopping, thrifting, drove through Little India to see the Deepavali lights, ate fried chicken, BK breakfast, haircut for the son and then, Monday came.

super boyish looking now, no one will mistake him for a girl anymore

i want my chicken!

he's like a cub and we're the mother lion that's tearing meat off to feed him

the legendary Arnold's Fried Chicken

night lights in Little India
Here's the son giving his take on his new haircut.

I was tricked! Mama held onto me so I couldn't escape and the uncle bribed me with a sweet. So I got distracted, took the sweet and all of a sudden, he was holding the shaver! I really cried! I wriggle, squirmed and I even give my most powerful weapon, my quivering lips! But they were all just laughing at me. I'm so angry! But at the end, Mama gave me the sweet, though she bit it and only gave me a small piece. But its ok, because she said its worth it.

No one will ever call him mei-mei again. I hope.

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