Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My house is my playground and my parents have to crawled around

This week, its all about the little boy. He has grown taller, smarter, cheekier and faster. He runs instead of walk, he grins instead of smiles and he enjoys yelling and shouting at the top of his voice. A noisy and chatty chap he is.

His energy is boundless and his toys are our furniture and pots and pans. He loves to 'cook' with it and makes us keep stirring the kettle and 'feeding' us with his 'food'. He enjoys kite flying, watching Despicable Me (which has since been replaced by Tangled), Doraemon, watching his grandma doing the ironing, loves his umbrella, loves to run away whenever he sees me coming to get him dressed in his pyjamas, enjoys climbing onto the bed and burying his face into the pillows and hiding under the blankets, loves catching, loves playing with water, only eats MEAT, no veggies, loves Yakult, loves Ribena, has a special radar to detect which are food and which are not and loves to put coins into his piggy bank.

And I believe, the table is his new hideout.

After which, he dragged me to crawled underneath to play with him.

Favourite song of the moment. You must listen!

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Mongs said...

songs that kids listen to nowadays..haha..very catchy, I can understand why he likes it. You boy is cute, reminds me of my 8 year old boy when he was this age, but his energy is still boundless. Boys are fun.