Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I am honest, thats why I said its fake.

top, Jennie Shop jeans, Denizen flats, fake Tory Burch

This song reminded me of my secondary school days, where the boys would all wanna look like him and serenade their puppy love with this song.

Not that it didn't worked on me, but I thanked that guy who sang me this song only because I got to know this band. Back in those days, my idol was Jimmy Lin, remember him? Floppy hair with cute dimples and great dance moves to boot. I was all about pop idols, not much for grunge bands like Beyond.

Anyway, just a little reminiscing about those days. Guess that's what rainy days do to you. 


Mongs said...

it's ok I buy fakes sometimes too, sometimes unintentionally, sometimes willfully. It doesn't matter, as long as it serves you well.


life-muse said...

I bought the fakes at like 10% off the originals! haha... but alas the comfort is that too, a fraction of the real thing LOL