Monday, September 19, 2011

If ever there'a an evacuation, I'll just have to sing and it'll clear out in record time

Okay to kick start your Monday, I'm going to embarrass myself. Okay maybe not. I'll spare your ears the agony and just let you read it instead. Only because its more humane this way.

I can't sing. AT. ALL.

I am tone deaf, melody blind and harmony disrupted. Ask my husband or my sister, and it'll be the first time they both agreed on something so right.

1) Long time ago, I was walking with a friend out of a church service and I was just singing softly the songs that was sang during the worship and she suddenly turned to me and asked,' Why are you saying out the lyrics?' True story.

2) We were with a big group of friends singing karaoke celebrating a friends birthday. The rest was singing, I was minding my own business being the DJ and all when they goaded me into singing. And I thought why not? Since it was playing The Cranberries' Zombie and its just yelling right? So I barely started singing and the whole karaoke blacked out. True story.

3) I was in my room listening on the headphones and singing aloud. Suddenly my mother-in-law came into the room and my husband burst out laughing. She had thought she heard my son crying when in actual fact, he was at my mum's. True story.

Yes its that bad. On the flip side, I make people laugh..... at my expense.

Song of the moment. Awesome guitar riffs! And Steven Tyler sounds so different back then.

Ending with a photo of my handsome husband!

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Mongs said...

sound funny, but don't mean to be cruel, it's ok dear because I can't sing too. But my husband can sing so well it's making me fuming mad! Haha!