Thursday, September 22, 2011

Its a rainy day and the sun don't shine! Oh and when the telehone rings, just pick it up because the sun will always be still shining. I know right.

I'm getting lazy. I got my husband to chose my clothes again and have I mentioned I get dressed in the dark? Yes I do.

Today's outfit:
grey top; Pepper Plus, denim jacket; Gmarket, scarve worn as belt; Cotton On, skirt; Primark, wedge; Mitju

Oh a rainy day calls for a rainy song! Hey don't judge me! I was into the tea dance phase like you too, k.


Anonymous said...

hahaha, tea dance...hahaha, that was like eons ago. BTW, love the way u put together your outfits. Stylish and understated, but so much thought went into it. =)

life-muse said...

Hey! Thanks for dropping by! :)