Friday, September 16, 2011

I have perfectly fine toes, thank you very much!

Colour Night Out!

Colour Night Out! by life-muse featuring a flared dress

In reality, I would not be able to wear those heels out at all. Firstly, I would look like a giant next to my erm vertical challenged friends and secondly, I would most probably make a fool out of myself walking in those heels.

Truth is, in heels I walk like how penguins would walked on land- awkward. So for now, I will only walk in heels, online.

A reminder of that decision you made when you say, 'I do'.


Mongs said...

mm.. deliciously good orange dress, I love it . I like the gold and orange combo, great idea, I will borrow that. The heels looks fantastic, not sure if I would wear it too, more like because I have problems walking. I have a pair of hand-me-down heels like this high, I couldn't walk straight and hubby had to help me along.


life-muse said...

Yeah, I love this colour combi too! Its bright yet classy without being over the top. In real life, I'm already taller than my husband so I think I can only reserved such heels for formal occasions like weddings :(