Friday, September 2, 2011

Celebrations are really a good way to stuff ourselves silly but food has no mention in this entry

I love how when September rolls over, its usually a flurry of events within the family. We celebrate our wedding anniversary in September, my birthday in October, the husband's in November, Christmas in December, the son's in January and by then it'll be the Lunar New Year festivities for the Chinese!

It's one celebration after another!

And speaking of celebrations, this really got to me. I don't know why but at that instance when I saw my son doing this, it really really dawned on me that he has grown so much. He's no longer the tiny baby that I can pick up with one hand, but an active toddler doing pull ups now.

Here's to more years of growing up and celebrations, dude.


Ruth said...

Is your boy 19 months? Think his motor skills are good. At least my boy hasn't done the swing thing yet. Does your son attend any gym classes?

life-muse said...

Hi Ruth,
thanks for dropping by!

He's not attending any gym classes, his workout sessions are the house and the playground :)