Friday, September 30, 2011

I do think its the PMS in me thats working overtime. I swear I'm not like this, most times.

Now that the son is coming to two years old, the question of having No. 2 often pops up when strangers also often asked how old is he. 

And also often my answer would be a straight No. And often they will give a look of surprise and asked why? And because one is enough for us. Because one is more than we could afford. Because one is all that we need. Because one is taking up all our energy. Because it feels like we've poured out all our love on this one. And the husband has also maintained the fact that he could never love another one as much as this first born. 

Well for sure many would argue the need for siblings and all the pros of having one or two (if you're the adventurous kind, I salute you) to play with. And this is also strange considering the fact that both of us has siblings too, so why the need to have one child?

Call us cruel, selfish or whatever, but I do believe responsible parenting also stems to responsible family planning you know. We're not going to have another child just so he can have a playmate but on the other hand, we'll be struggling like crazy to make ends meet just to feed the whole family. So if we're having difficulties just bringing up one child, then I think we should stop at one. 

But what about making sacrifices? Love conquers all sorts of stories? Well, if it works for you, great! But if it doesn't, please use a condom. The world has enough problems of its own for you to contribute to its growing population.

Anyways, this is sounding a tad too heavy for Friday. I don't mean to be this angsty but just so you know that I have other emotions other than being happy, heh.

Here is another video of him wearing one side of my shoe and taking a stroll around the house. 

Weekend time!


Susan said...

It's ultimately every family's choice to have one or two or more and no one can pass judgment.
Now that Sophie is 2, we have our fair share of well meaning comments from family and friends too. But ideally and if God allow, we would like to have two as my siblings and I have grown quite close over the years now that we're older. And I really like it that we can be so raw and transparent with family.

life-muse said...

Yeah, I get that too. And my sister and I has also gotten closer now that we're older and wiser. But the turning point was when my son was born. He's the glue that sticks us together. It's amazing the bond that children brings.