Tuesday, September 27, 2011

This is the way it should be for lovers, they shouldn't be alone. I'm very sure this never happened before

on this day, i take thee

For all the nonsense, pain, anger, more intense anger, blood boiling anger, struggles and trials, we've come a long way dude.

For all the fun, walks, movies, football matches, food and sweet gestures, we've enjoyed every moment together.

So today, I want to remember you. For being so loving, supportive and kind with me. For the strength that you give and your generous heart of loving me, I am truly loved by you.

Happy 3rd year wedding anniversary, love.

P.S: I heard you saying it to me last night while I was sleeping and I'm very sure I wasn't dreaming. Stop your eye rolling!


Susan said...

Happy anniversary and here's to many many more to come :)

life-muse said...

Aww thanks Susan! :)