Monday, September 26, 2011

F1 doesn't impress him much, all he wants is to wear his pants

Sundays are sort of my date day with the son. We would have breakfast at the park and spend some time just walking around looking at the kites, playing at the playground and basically my idea of exploring nature with him consists of him shredding dried leaves and me keeping a watchful eye on him to ensure he doesn't eats them. Very zen and holistic.

But really, I actually just want to show off this video of him trying to wear his pants. Another milestone of him growing up. Someone pass me the tissue box please.

Oh please excuse the messy house and the F1 thats going on at the back, heh.


Ruth said...

Thanks so cute! My son has yet to attempt putting on his own pants.. coz he doesn't like wearing them! I'm looking forward to that day though. Your home looks a well-renovated one! I notice the row of photos, doesn't your boy try to touch them or the TV/DVD player etc? For us, we ended up making a new cabinet for the TV and conceal the DVD player and other stuff coz my boy couldn't stop touching them.

life-muse said...

Thanks Ruth! Its all my husband's idea of making it more bachelor pad back then! Haha..

Oh my boy touches it all the time and we're fine with it so long he doesn't touch the main socket.. maybe thats why he knows how to switch it on and off too, ha. For the photo frames its great fun for him as he can point to us who is daddy and mama and it always warms my heart when he brings it over, point at my face and calls Mama!