Monday, September 5, 2011

What's going on apparently is not the title but the lyrics and anyway its good enough to describe our weekend

Our weekend.

celebrating the stepfather-in-law's birthday at Ivin's

kite flying in honour of the kite flying day

2 kites flying high in the sky

Our kite got stuck onto a tree and we spent like 20 mins trying to get it down! We tried various ways like throwing shoes, balls and tugging it but to no avail. So we just let it be and then this huge gust of wind came and loosen our kite! It did flew up abit and we thought it was freed but it got stuck again.

Then two Indian nationals walked past us and to our surprise, one of them started to climb the tree to get the kite for us! We were throughly amazed at their tree climbing skills and even more so at their initiative to help! We could'nt thank them enough and they just seems so noncholant about it! All in a day's work for these dudes man.

This boy has recently taken to wearing his Doraemon slippers everywhere he goes. Dressed up nicely and he'll choose his Doraemon to wear. But he has an old soul to it. Everytime he sits down, be it in the car, on the chair or anywhere, he has to take them off. Sort of like how those old uncles sitting in the coffeshops, shoes off and legs up shaking and all. Maybe not the shaking part, yet.

swinging on an excercise swing

Today's outfit:  

floral jacket: BKK
stripe dress: Jennie Shop
flats: Charles and Keith

And today's song of the day? 4 Non Blondes

Because the husband serenade me with this song yesterday.

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