Tuesday, October 7, 2008


marrried life has been so far so goof! haha..
but what's it like to be a work from home wifey? well, these few days i've been waking up together with him as he prepares to go to work. and after he left for work, i'll get ready for my own work too.

and once i've finished my work, i'll try to clean the house, do the laundry, you know the usual stuff a wife does. and afterwards, i'll take a shower and welcome him home! thats my favourite part of the day. to see him return home to me.
and we'll have dinner, watch a bit of tv and off to sleep!

and on the parents side, mondays are designated for his parents and tuesdays are for mine. we'll pop by to have dinner with them and just spend some time catching up and talk.
i think marriage will really change your perspective on family life. when you know you've got someone to come home to, you'll do the very best you can.
to be the right person, to love and to go through life with him.
and i know i'm truly blessed to have someone to love and who loves me even more.

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