Tuesday, October 21, 2008

hi jay

your new album is out!!!
how can i ever resist you even when i think you have gone all style??
sigh... i will still get your latest album though you seriously look like a clown ( i mean thats your latest look). but just because you're really talented and cool doesn't mean you have to really experiment till this extreme right?

i've listened to a couple of your songs on youtube, and frankly, it still has'nt grown on me, but i still give you a chance.

i hope you'll make an album that is just purely you. one without all this style packaging and fancy artwork. not that i don't like it, but i yearn to hear the real you again.
remember your first album?

thats how i prefer your music to be though you look way much better now, ha!
and i think underneath all your cool persona, you're just a homely person after all. i love how you love your mum and your grandma, but it slightly borders on being a mummy's boy, no?

and how could i ever forget that concert you had in 2006? you totally rock the house down. you dancing and playing the piano like your life depends on it.

ah yes, you playing the piano. you're the reason why i'm making my son learn to play the piano in future too. you looking oh so serious and seriously charming too.

but anyways, i hope you'll make an album that is of you. from your heart. no more fancy dancy, k?
i'm sure your older fans will appreciate it.

from your oldest fan xoxo


trance said...

yea his songs are getting worst,especially the fast ones.稻香 and 给我一首歌的时间 is acceptable.

lovely said...

the Paddy Field song is so awful!! i prefer the other slow song, the something xin fu song, sounds better..