Wednesday, October 29, 2008


i think i would like to have one.
the thoughts of having one seems to filled my every waking moment.
not sure if its the hormones going into overdrive, or whether its the suppressed emotions finally breaking free, but rather, i think i have changed my mind on one.

i used to not want to have one.
but He has changed my mind.
He has soften my heart and now free of the bondage,
i would now like to have one.

but so many things are saying no, no, no
like the doom and gloom of the present world,
like the tight pants of our finances,
they're all saying wrong, wrong, wrong.

oh, i really don't know what to do,
but jesus will see us through.

now all i need is the willing seed,
to fulfill our hopes of having it.

one, please!!

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