Friday, October 3, 2008

who's getting married?!!

who's getting married?!
i am! yipee yay!!
this is me getting ready for the hair and makeup, so pardon the bare face. though i assured you that i look very pretty on normal days, ha!

this is my sister, she's the unofficial photographer for the day.
all these pictures that you, yes you peirong! haha are looking at now are all taken by her. but! using my camera lol......
shooting herself, lol

these are my jiemeis! without them, my day would'nt have run smoothly. they made sure that i was well taken care of. from water to makeup to food to my guest list, everything, they do it all without any hesitations.
introducing jolyn aka mrs sim
the vivacious wan xian!
and eh lets's jump to the saboh food items haha, wonder where the rest of the jiemeis went to, haha

the saboh!
the peg tester!
oh here they are! yimei and yiqi!
though no relations, they click well together!
someone is mixing flour with eggs, yeuw!
his smug look after the gate crash.
the photos are totally random too! ha!
give me my bride! no i mean my food! i'm hungryyyyyy!!!
photos of hungry people, ha!
his entourage of hungry brotherhood
led by captain johnny!!
leading by example
how to eat an orange
even jiemeis get hungry too!
andy is hungry too!!

ok, ok proper snapshots. but peirong, i don't have your photos here!
and did we take any together?

with the chan family

adeline and ethan chan

derek and kate. does he look more and more korean?!

amy and sharon!

my parents
you know, when my dad and i were preparing to march in. he suddenly turn to me and told me this," today you're going to be married. you're a grown up now. daddy will miss you."
when i heard that, i was very touched and tears welled up. this is my first time my dad ever said these words to me.
i'll miss you too dad.
anyway he's super happy to see me married!! haha!!

my sister in grace with samuel!
the 2 of you, next year ah!

my sister and jd.
they're getting married in nov! my sister has grown up too!
i'll miss you too.

my granny.
she's a funny lady!
my 18 year old cousin.
he's at this cool stage where he likes to ogle at girls! haha!!
that's not cool k.. at least ogle with style!

my sis and our favourite cousin, leng!
we used to call her chao yi leng, like the hokkien version of chao yi lang which means deaf.
haha its a family joke.
and this is where it all began and ended.
our wedding venue.
there are more, and i mean MORE pictures to upload, but thats for another day.
isn't this lovely?


penny stock market said...

when will you go online?

Anonymous said...

NOPE! You didn't take pic with me! Boo!


Sharin said...

Waiting for more photos! Should post more photos of the bride and groom... =)

I love the last photo... The outdoor concept for your wedding dinner...

lovely said...

yes yes!! the outdoor venue was really beautiful, glad we chose the venue.

more photos will be uploaded when AZ passed it to us. meanwhile i'll update on post wedding! ha!

Sharin said...

Does it cost a bomb to have the tent set-up like yours? Kelvin and I have always love an outdoor wedding, but the tent / PA system etc will cost alot. =( Plus Kelvin perspires like nobody's business... Haha...

lovely said...

yeah it does cost quite a big for the tentage set up, though its worth it cos of their expertise and excellent crew!! :)

Sharin said...

Which company did you approach for the tent set-up?

lovely said...

we got nanyang to do up the tentage, they're also known as outdoor wedding specialist. but be really prepared to wowed by their pricing, though their sales co-ordinator, eleanor is a very nice person :)