Friday, October 17, 2008

perhaps, perhaps

finally finished with all the flowers for tomorrow.
i pray for smooth set ups and grace and favour.
got to juggle 4 weddings tomorrow, feeling quite excited and the flowers are so lovely!!
i hope my clients will appreciate the hard work that has gone into making every flora arrangement. and all i'm asking for is that they like the flora decor and my job is complete.
sometimes my clients will drop me sms to thank me for the job well done. and i feel grateful to them because they've entrusted their big day to me to do up their church beautifully. i still may be a greenhorn in this line and to the more pro wedding florists, my designs might be nothing to shout about, but i thank God that well, there are still people who appreciates what i do, ha!
hmm i wanna think about what i should do next.
to continue or to do something else?
it is my greatest desire to have a shop like this. such a lovely place to do my flowers, a cozy studio for my friends and clients to drop in and say hi..
and of course, the gorgeous flowers!!
i love the rustic, quaint and quirky feel to it.
and when you do drop in to say hi, we can chat over tea and cakes.
and the many magazines for you to browse through, the little knick knacks waiting to catch your fancy and do take your time to smell the roses, ha!
and on my way to fulfill this desire, i shall be faithful in what i do, diligent in my dealings and above all things, i seek the One who loves me.
and perhaps someday, perhaps..


trance said...

i love the picture~~~~~~ its so nice! well,try something different=D

lovely said...

which picture? the one hanging on the wall or this photo that i took? ;p