Friday, October 24, 2008


my dad walking me down

my dad smiling for the camera

it wasn't till after i got married that my dad started to be really sweet. well, we had a typical chinese father-daughter relationship, i.e we hardly talk to each other and also the lack of affections.

 yet i believed that God is the one who is changing him. though my dad is not yet a believer, his attitude towards us(his daughters) has changed. where there used to be silence, he now makes an effort to talk to us, crack jokes and always always offers his help to us.

and john has huge favor with my dad. dad will give him car stuff, talk to him and even ask for his opinions. this to me, is so unlike the dad i used to know.
where the dad i used to know was a silent cow, the present dad is someone who is happy, contented and proud of his family. 

hmm, i tried to think about the stuff he used to do when we were small, but somehow i can't pen them down. its not that i can't really remember but its all too hazy. but the few times that i recalled vividly was he used to bring me to botanic gardens.
we will walk around the gardens, feed the swans and he loves to take pictures of me.

come to think of it, i've more pictures he took of me than my sister ;p

and now that i'm all grown up, i want to cherish the times i have with him.
i want to love him in any little ways i can, talk to him more and hang out with him.

its going to be awkward at first, but he took the first steps to be my friend.
he is my father who loves me,
so i will be his daughter who will love him.

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