Tuesday, October 14, 2008

birthday picnic!!

we had a joint birthday celebrations on the 12th oct for yimei and i!
we were actually planning to go to the zoo but the guys upped the surprise element by actually giving us a real surprise!! ha!
my husband told me we were going to pulau ubin and sean told yimei to wear a garden dress, its very funny! cause when we were all in church, there were alot of confusions as to where we're actually going, lol!!
so while yimei and i were window shopping in suntec, we think the guys went to plan the surprise, haha. but how sweet of them.
so finally, the surprise was going to botanic gardens!! but you must be thinking chey! right?
cause it was the initial plan to go there but guys being guys, they said its too boring, too hot, too everything, so thats when we thought of going to the zoo. but well, now we're going to botanic gardens for a nice picnic!! yay!!
but first, we must get food! so a trip to:
jones the grocer
the place reminds us of a london market, the novelty was fresh but after a while, we thought it was quite pretentious as its like a place to be seen and it does'nt hurt that the prices there are awfully expensive.

this is yimei, looking pretentious too, hehe
the little bars of chocolates which i was very tempted to belived that they're samples and stuff it into my bag.
after getting the food, off we go to our picnic!!

the clear blue skies

our yummy food!

the clear waters, which we could very much jump into for a swim
(but its sg, they will catch you for doing it)
the 2 lovebirds

and andy!! our resident hunk!
very much single and available, hoot!
with sean and shijie
and after a much relaxed picnic, we realised no one bought drinks!! haha.. cause we were all hungry so there's only food and no one thought of getting drinks.. so out of thirst, we had to leave the beautiful garden to look for water, funny right?!
then we head to orchard to wait for johnny and joy to join us. but then we got hungry again and yimei suggested we buy some food to cook at our place.
so off to our home where great cooks unite!!
yimei prepared vongole for us and it was delicious!
especially with the clams, yummylicious!!!

but being andy. he knew we will ask him to try first, lol!!

the yummy clams
the qq spahetti (is this the right spelling?)

the happy cooks!

sean wants us to know that he really helped out and contribute to the sauce and stirring.. hmmmmm
notice how shijie is smiling??

the master chef is grouchy, ha!

and sleepy..zzzzzzz
i could'nt get any pictures of the cake cause my camera choose that moment to hang itself!!
ya man.. but we had a chocolate cake from awfully chocolate!!
its taste alright cause i prefer lana cakes, ha!
all in all, this year's birthday was double fun as i got to celebrate with yimei too.. she's a funny and crazy girl!! can't wait for her and sean to get married next year!
and on my actual day, 13th oct. he took half day leave to come home to spent time with me.
it was just very sweet, just the 2 of us hanging out at home and just enjoying each other's company. but i had a 3 hour nap after our lunch,lol!! so he had to do his own thing.
hmmm.. its all good!! (",)


Sharin said...

Somehow married life seems so nice after reading your blog entries... Don't ask me why... Hahaha, but I can't wait to go through my customary and get my own house!

But all these need LOTS of money... *sob*

lovely said...

when will be your AD? ya married life is fun now esp with jesus being the centre cord of our lives.. we had to trust God for all the finaces too. so don't worry!! God is bigger than all our problems! :)

Sharin said...

I also don't know when my AD will be leh... Kelvin and I haven't decided.

Yup, life without Jesus is like a donut - Even more so for married life! (",)

I believe the Lord will provide, but no money means no money mah. Then no money = cannot get married lor. *sob*

Hehehe... No lah, I know that day will come... Just that I don't know when it will be. Maybe the Lord will come again to bring us all back even before my AD comes.

Sharin said...

I seriously don't know when my AD will be... Kelvin and I haven't decided, but we are hoping to do it in 1-1.5 years' time.

I of course believe that the Lord will provide but no money means no money mah... Then no money = cannot get married. =( *SOB*

Hahaha... No lah, I know the day will come but just haven't really plan for it. Who knows? Maybe the Lord will come and take us home even before my AD comes. Hooray!