Monday, October 27, 2008

of plastic surgery and fiona xie

so tired but satisfied because of the hanging out.
we went to keon and faith's place to watch the chelsea-liverpool match where liverpool won 1-o, ending chelsea's unbeaten streak.
it was even sweeter as they beat chelsea on homeground.
for this i applause liverpool, ha!
but i still pledge allegiance to man united ;p
after the game, we had supper at the coffee shop and talked about nonsensical stuff like plastic surgery, hoho!!
think the topic was started as we saw the very hot fiona xie in church today. yup!!
she usually attends the fourth service, 6th floor with her mum.
and the funny thing was when yimei saw fiona, her mum was like saying something to her and she was giving this 'sian' look, like ya ya..
guess even for a millionaire celebrity, she still has to listen to her mum, lol!
she's really pretty though, like how we see her on tv.. she's not very tall, maybe 165cm?
but her heels were like 5cm! so it made her look tall and her legs are nice. slender and long.
but her forehead is kinda like potruding abit, like the luo han fish..
she was dressed simply today.
just a glitter tank top, with short bermudas, a sling bag and head band.
the last time we saw her, she was dressed in a very swanky black dress with gladiator's heels..
anyway this is not about her but about the friends i hang out with, ha!
she's just the side dish, to whet your appetite.. though i think how she would be like as a friend, hmmm......
yay!! my husband is coming home soon!!

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