Monday, October 20, 2008

monday us

this is me and my husband!!
one of those days when he 'pontang' work, ha!
we had a late lunch at railway mall and went to borrowed some dvds to watch later.
i'm looking forward to watch marie antoinette starring kirsten dunst, my favourite actress! she's really pretty in an unconventional way. part pixie, part rebel, me like!
the photo was taken before we left and he being hungry, was grouchy. so i can only take a hurried shot before he don't even wanna take any!
sometimes when he smiles at me, he has this cheeky small boy charm about him. it makes my heart melt and i just wanna hug him tightly and kiss him all over!
*sigh** i know you're cringing, right? right?! haha!!
i feel really blessed right now ^-^

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trance said...

why no head again lols.