Tuesday, October 14, 2008

i wanna received flowers!!!

i wanna received flowers too!!
its tough being a florist and people assume you get flowers all the time, its not true!!
and its not fun when friends call you to order flowers to send to their girlfriends when i'm not getting any, argh!
i read from a fellow florist blog from here and i share the same sentiments as her too. florist loves flowers, thats why we love what we do. and it does'nt hurt if we received flowers now and then :P
and sidetrack abit, i just finished cleaning the whole house and i feel good!!
not to mention the dust that we've been sleeping with, i feel good everytime i give the toilets a good scrub. its very therapeutic i must say.
and this sat alone, i've 4 weddings to do.
so i might be gone a while to prepare the flowers and leave this alone, for just a while.
oh i must remember to charge my camera battery and insert the memory card too, lest i shoot myself again, ha!
did i say i wanna received flowers??!!!!

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