Wednesday, October 15, 2008

jesus, the centre cord

i had an encouraging comment left by an ex-bride(my client) that somehow she feels married life is very nice after reading my blog.
i'm flattered :P
married life is indeed fun when jesus is involved. pastor dan reminds us to always look to Him as the centre cord in our lives and not to each other. perhaps to the cynical world, they will dissed us saying that we are newly married, thus still at the honeymoon period, the lovey dovey stage.
yes we're lovey dovey, yes we're very much in love, yes we would very much wanna go on honeymoon right now. yet we both know that jesus is the one holding us together.
without jesus, there can never be the wedding we dream of. without jesus, we would'nt have the money to pay for all the dresses, the suits, the place, the food, the many bills that keep piling up on us. without jesus, there can be no good thing.
and during the planning for the wedding, above all, guard your heart from worry. and you'll find that planning is really, above all an easy peasy journey.
because in the first place, it is jesus who brings the 2 of us together. and since He brought us together, He will see to all the details. our place is to seek Him, He'll be there, jesus's promise.


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Thank you for the encouragement!