Friday, August 19, 2011

Of a sick baby, very clever apes and an unpretty song to end this week

Remember I was just saying how my son was having a runny nose? Turns out he had mild bronchiolitis, an infant form of bronchitis. The symptoms are similiar to cold but the virus affects the bronchioles, a smaller airways in the lungs, which when inflammed will affect your breathing. And apparently dry cough is one of the symptoms as your body is trying to cough out the mucous in it. So if you know of anyone having a persistent cough, please do get it check out as it might be bronchitis, which might lead to serious problems.

Anyway I brought him to the doctor's and he was given 5 types of medication and was put on antibodies! He's not even two! (I know I use this alot but really!) And its quite scary how fast the medicine takes effect because right now, he appears to be well though the occasional cough and runny nose is still there. But at least all of us are getting some sleep. The first night, he kept me up all night with his crying and I had to keep carrying him to pacify him. Ain't no sleep like a broken sleep. Or ain't no love like a night of sacrificed sleep.

Oh and I've watched Rise of the Planet of the Apes!

they're not monkeys, they're apes
not sure the difference? neither do i

I really liked it! Caeser's (acted by Andy Serkis) acting was really touching and emotional. He brought a human touch to his character. I almost teared at some parts of the movie where he thought he was being abandoned by his owners and he's coming realisation that he is different from his humans owners. The part where he asked his 'father' (James Franco) if he's a pet and what is he to him, his look of disappointment was so apparent when James Franco could'nt answer him.

And of course the very real threat caused by greedy humans using animal testings for clinical trials strike a chord with me. I did'nt realised how serious the animals are being poached for it and the appalling conditions they might be kept in. So for now, I'm determined not to use any products that does testing on animals. We all can do our part!

I promise I'm finishing soon but you remember the girl group TLC? They're the biggest girl group back in the nineties. They sang this song and it was their biggest hit. Recently Glee did a cover and I'm really in love with their version! Softer and more feminine.

You husband, stop it! (private joke)

Okay, enjoy your weekend!


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