Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My keyboard's P is not working well but I pressed it real hard just so you don't have to read incoherently and I don't look like I can't spell

I am sort of inclined to post these up because my husband is part of the small but growing number of home brewers in Singapore. Heh.

Last Saturday, they had sort of a gathering cum beer cometition held at East Coast Park. Ibrew is the lead organisation for the yearly affair and it promotes home brewing for people who enjoys drinking and the art of brewing their own beer.

The husband sent in one of his creations and came in third for one of the competition. It was voted by the people and out of the thirty that was submitted, he was the only local that was in the top three. Not bad at all for someone who actually brewed a hopnosh of leftover ingredients!

Super Brewer!

beers for tasting

the husband, very unglam

with his new found beer friends

East Coast Park

Why drink Tiger when you can brew your own now? Besides, Tiger Beer tastes horrid. I really wonder why people still drink it though. Okay, I'm no expert here so if you have any questions pertaining to beer, I am happy to ask the husband on your behalf. No fees required, just some nice clothes or shoes or bag in kind, ha!

Today's outfit:

top: F.O.S (sadly, this has closed down)
belt: comes with skirt
skirt: Dressabelle
flats: City Plaza

My ears are stuff now, like there are water in it. And I can't really hear myself well. But I did'nt went swimming or wash my hair... ah well.


Mongs said...

that's a fun skirt, love the orange. Yeah, FOS was a sad thing. The beer fest sounds like fun, I like beer, try Hoe Garden, it's light and refreshing. Your husband is impressive to come up with his own concoction.


life-muse said...

Erm technically, all other commercial beers are like bland water according to the brewmaster at home ;p
But I like Corona though I'm not really a drinker, heh.