Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Woody Tuesday

I had this outfit put together in my mind last night. But when I tried it on this morning, it did'nt looked that good together and plus I was running late for work. I thought of just throwing my jeans on instead, but! I was reminded of this blog, so I grabbed a belt, tucked in my shirt and voila! It did worked after all.

top: husband's
belt: from somewhere
dress worn as skirt: H&M
flats: Cotton On

earrings: Diva

Feeling very in-the-woods today, with my sparrow skirt and my mushroom earrings. Hope they have some magic in them, ha. 

1 comment:

Mongs said...

love the colors, the blue is so soothing and calming, perfect for working. I like the little floral designs.