Wednesday, August 3, 2011

If we're not careful, this young man will grow up swearing like a sailor. I swear

Eh I'm in my comfort zone today, tees with jeans. But I dress it up with a lace cardi and stripey shoes.

lace cardigan: Gmarket
stripe top: Jennie Shop
jeans: Denizen
stripey shoes: Gmarket

Stripes on stripes? Yes you can! Even the floor matches it, heh.


See this kid? He has began to parrot what we say. This is good because it means he is learning and catching on quickly in terms of his speech development. Only thing is, his pronounciation is not very clear yet so words like sit becomes shit, let's go becomes asshole and I thought I heard him say a certain F word when I told him his hands were black from all that climbing up the stairs and we got to washed it. Watch it young man!

at least he's not giving the number 3 finger, yet

Other words to add onto his repertoire: shoes, bubbles, wow, bye-bye, head and said words above. He has also recognised his stomach and backside when we asked him where is it. But I think the most significant was knowing his name. Just last night, my sister was telling me he know he is Benjamin and will pat himself and said Min Min when asked who is he.

But Min Min is a girl's name, darling.

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