Monday, August 15, 2011

The weekend flew like the kite, up and soaring but then it stopped midway because we ran out of string

How was everyone's weekend? If you had a blast and wish for more, you got it! If your weekend was'nt so good and wish for another weekend, you got it! Moral of above sentence? There is more weekends than you can ever wish for, but patience is required for it to arrive. Bummer.

We spent the weekend baking cookies (or rather my sister doing the baking, me doing the tasting and the little boy doing the eating), kite flying, having some alone breakfast time with the son and spending it walking at Jurong Point.

And you know how people in showbiz always says never work with children or animals? It's so darn true. Anyway it doesn't take people in showbiz to realised it too. They never keep still long enough for you to take a proper picture. You just have to keep shooting and shooting and hope for that ONE picture to capture that moment.

Case in point, refer to pictures below. These were taken at my friend's house to celebrate her son's 1 year old birthday. Blurry photos, not my fault. Objects were just too fast or either that its the coke, as in the COCA COLA kind of coke, not the cocaine kind of coke.

birthday boy!

the adults kept the same smile and position for umpteenth time before this still picture of babies was captured
true story.

how boys play

his way of endearment, kinda like how dogs sniff each other

2 mothers and 2 wriggly babies

making a break for it

first hurdle

almost there!

finally! a sorta group photo after close to 10 mins
true story

make a wish first
*please do not let benjamin have all the cake!*

blowing his candle
 birthday wish came true. i shared a small piece with the son

iron mama

family photo


she did the flying, he did the chasing


take my hand mama!!


He climbed this ladder thing at the fitness corner. I think if the grandfather ever sees this, his heart would have dropped. Me? I was kinda proud of him, ha! He managed to do one rung and I helped him climb the rest!

getting ready

climbing up

one rung up

more to go!
 the next olympian in 18 years time

His recent words' development has improved. He can say Please followed by an earnest nodding of his head, Yes followed by earnest nodding of head and No followed by violent swaying of head. This is good beacause he know how to link the questions and apply said words to it. Not very good when asked if he wants proper food and Yes to all junk food. SIGH! And he's not even two yet!

Today's outfit:

lace top: Salvation Army
inner top: Cotton On
belt: Mphosis
pants: Gmarket
stripe flats: Gmarket

p.s: I think dressing in colour coordinated clothes seems so under-rated. Its instant chic and fuss free. No?

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