Tuesday, August 16, 2011

This post was supposed to be about pretty bedrooms but it ended up with a big sigh!

Ain't all these rooms too pretty to sleep in?! My personal favourite would be the first photo though I might like to try the bright pink wall paper if the husband allows!

Today's outfit:

top: Jennie Shop
belt: First Tailor
dress: Cotton On
flats: City Plaza

My body is aching and my joints are creaking. I think its all the running I did while kite flying on........Sunday. Yeah I guess I finally got to admit my body is no longer as nubile as it was eleven years back. Okay... maybe not nubile but sporty, alright?! I can so imagine the husband's sniggering.

The son's nose has been running too. Everytime he falls sick, I always think back where did I not do right. Like perhaps the air-con was too cold while we were having dinner and he was only wearing a singlet or perhaps I did not cover him with his blanket at night and thats how he caught a chill. Or maybe its that time he fell asleep with his hair still wet after his shower or that time we were caught in the rain or that time someone sneezed in our directions or that time........ you get the drift.

I can't help it! I tend to play back the events and try to pin point the exact cause. It's like playing detective but investigating on a guilt trip. Sigh!!!

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Mongs said...

wow I love all the inspiring bedroom pictures, I think the pink one is awesome it will probably be great, because it'll shock me awake every morning. Love the outfit on you, all the glitter and shimmer is beautiful