Monday, August 29, 2011

Dance dance dance your pants down, but remember to bring it to the wash when you're done!

Because today is Monday again and we all gotta Move like Jagger. C'mon! You gotta move like Jagger, moveeeeeeeeeee like jagger.

It's stuck in my head and now yours, ha!

hey ma, look i'm too cool for you

I went to do my first queue of my life yesterday. A few days back I read on Today that Denizen is giving away free jeans in exchange for your old jeans! Yup! Only for the first 30 people though. So I thought maybe I can go and try my luck.

And what do you know? When I reached there at 8.25am, there were already a queue forming! I had initially wanted to reach way much earlier like 7.30am but then I thought what are the odds of people actually reading that ad and giving it a try too? Well I thought wrong. Because there are people like me who had the same thought but with more determination and gutso who went much earlier just to be first in line. And I just happened to be number 34! Argh!!

 Moral of story? The first in line always gets the free jeans.

Anyway, the lady told us there will be another giveaway next month. So if you wanna exchange your old jeans for a new one, keep a lookout in the Today papers or The Newpaper!

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